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At RMPEx, we have the experience and knowledge to help you achieve better results, faster.  Our philosophy is ignite, equip, and accelerate. We offer various services and experiences that will help you spark interest and light a fire around your organization’s quality journey, meet the right people and get the training and tools you need to succeed.

To accelerate results across the organization, find communities to benchmark, share and learn together, and establish your best practices, as org-wide habits, our RMPEx services can be tailored for where you are on your journey to sustainable excellence.

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RMPEx helps organizations discover continuous improvement practices.


RMPEx facilitates skills development to performance excellence.


RMPEx guidance using the Baldrige Excellence Framework creates focus.

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Community of Practice

Our Community of Practice participants believe that organizational learning drives the success of all improvement efforts and that results are achieved faster by engaging and learning with others. Using the Baldrige Excellence Framework as a community guide, this program will help define the work you’re already doing, respond to change, simplify complex processes, better learn from the past and control for the future while gaining invaluable best practices from others in the community.

PEAK Fellow Program

Visualize and ignite your organization’s continuous improvement journey with the RMPEx PEAK Fellows Program. Designed for senior leaders charged with leading or driving performance excellence within their organization, this 12-month immersive experience equips leaders with the knowledge to define their organization’s performance excellence journey and will help build your network of performance excellence resources.

Examiner Training

Becoming an examiner provides unparalleled professional development in performance excellence using the Baldrige Excellence Framework. This personal development training introduces participants to the Baldrige criteria and the examiner lense used to evaluate organizational performance. This intensive 3-day training will prepare you to serve as an RMPEx examiner or as an internal examiner for your organization.

Implementer Experience

Build your organization’s capability to utilize the Baldrige Excellence Framework through the Implementer Experience. This proven roadmap is the deep dive into peak performance, its principles, and best practices. It helps you master core performance excellence values and concepts including leadership, innovation, customer focus, and data-driven decision-making—to elevate your products, processes, and financial results. Build your organization’s performance excellence capability and capacity.


RMPEx offers four levels of award participation, designed to allow organizations to follow a process that sequentially builds to peak performance excellence. Applicants receive formal recognition for their performance excellence achievements with one of four levels of award participation: High Plains, Foothills, Timberline and Peak. RMPEx role-model organizations have achieved at least Timberline Award recognition and are eligible to participate in the Sustainable Excellence Community of Practice.


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