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The RMPEx Recognition Program

RMPEx is a community of organizations and individuals dedicated to continuous improvement and performance excellence. Those that have adopted the Baldrige Performance Excellence Framework have demonstrated increased organizational learning and development; a sound management framework; proven financial results; documented benefits to employees, customers, the community, and other stakeholders; and the ability to use the state award as a stepping-stone to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

RMPEx recognizes organizations in Colorado, Montana, Wyoming, and Nebraska for their achievements in performance excellence. Applicants receive extensive feedback, based on a written application and interviews, identifying the organization’s beneficial attributes and opportunities for improvement.

RMPEx offers four levels of award participation, designed to allow organizations to follow a process that sequentially builds to peak performance excellence. Applicants receive formal recognition for their performance excellence achievements with one of four levels of award participation: High Plains, Foothills, Timberline and Peak. RMPEx role-model organizations have achieved at least Timberline Award recognition and are eligible to participate in the Sustainable Excellence Community of Practice.

High Plains

This level is for organizations who are interested in beginning self-assessment and beginning a journey toward performance excellence. These organizations complete an organizational profile that is a snapshot of the organization – describeing its operating environment, key relationships with customers, suppliers, partners, and stakeholders, competitive environment, key strategic challenges and advantages, and performance improvement systems. All applicants who submit a High Plains application receive recognition during the annual RMPEx Quest award ceremony.


This level is for organizations who have not previously completed RMPEx/Baldrige assessments or have limited expertise or understanding of the linkages and alignment of the Baldrige criteria. The application includes information on the organization’s processes and systems. At this level, fewer criteria questions are asked than for higher levels and only the applicant’s approach is evaluated. Foothills awards are presented to those applicants that demonstrate systematic and mature approaches to the criteria questions.


This level is for organizations who have gained expertise in the RMPEx/Baldrige criteria and feel they are ready for a detailed discussion of their processes. The discussion includes information on approach, deployment, learning, and integration. At this level, the applicant addresses all process questions in a full application, except for those concerning results. Timberline awards are presented to those applicants who demonstrate systematic and mature approaches, effective deployment, process learning, and process integration in their response to criteria questions.


The RMPEx Peak Performance Criteria includes questions on both processes and results. Results are stated in quantitative measures of key organizational metrics including trends and comparisons to best-in-class and leading competitor organizations. Organizations with strong internal performance excellence programs will receive the most benefit by selecting the Peak Performance level. Peak awards are presented to those applicants that demonstrate role-model results, plus systematic and mature approaches, effective deployment, process learning, and process integration in their response to the criteria questions.

Reach out to Executive Director Mike Gratz at executivedirector@rmpex.org to discuss the best steps to begin your journey.
RMPEx has a four-level progression of recognition award criteria.
For High Plains and Foothills, the Intent to Apply must be submitted 3 months in advance of the application submissions. Timberline and Peak Intent to Apply forms must be submitted 6 months in advance of the application submission.
Complete the Intent to Apply form: and return it along with a cover letter on company letterhead from the most senior official from the organization.
Submit your Final Application Package via email to executivedirector@rmpex.org.
Submit your Application Fees: Mail your check to Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence.
A site visit is conducted as the final step in the evaluation process. Site visits are required for all award applicants. The applicant must agree before submitting an application to pay site visit fees, lodging and on-site meal expenses for the Timberline and Peak examiner teams on the site visit.
Receive and Review Confidential Feedback Report: When the feedback report is received, your team should review the report for strengths and opportunities for improvement and fold these into action planning for the next year.

The Assessment Process

Are you ready to effectively and efficiently meet your mission and achieve your vision for your organization?  RMPEx is here to guide your organization, improve performance, and get sustainable results through our assessment & recognition program. The improvement and innovation framework used during our assessment process can be adapted to fit your unique challenges and culture while helping you evaluate performance, assess where improvements or innovation are most needed, and get results. At the end of the assessment cycle, applicants receive extensive feedback identifying the organization’s positive attributes and opportunities for improvement. 

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Past Award Recipients

2020 RMPEx Award Recipients

Peak Level Award

Donor Alliance, Denver, Colorado

2019 RMPEx Award Recipients

Peak Level Award

Elevations Credit Union, Boulder, Colorado

Great Plains Health, North Platte, Nebraska

Timberline Level Award

Campbell County Health, Gillette, Wyoming

Foothills Level Award

RiverStone Health, Billings, Montana

High Plains Recognition

The Legacy Living and Rehabilitation Center, Gillette, Wyoming



The Pete Reicks Leadership Award, given by Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence, recognizes an individual whose performance excellence leadership and behaviors provide a role model for others. Performance excellence is not an individual achievement, nor a finite feat, but an organization’s intentional ambition for performance excellence requires strong vision and leadership. This award recognizes leaders who have notably contributed to the RMPEx vision to ignite, equip, and accelerate all organizations to achieve sustainable excellence.

RMPEx created the Pete Reicks Leadership Award in 2021, to honor an influencer, leader, and friend who challenged us all to be better every day. Pete Reicks personified the core values of RMPEx and the Baldrige program, leading Elevations Credit Union to national Baldrige award recognition twice and serving as a RMPEx Board member. 

Pete Reicks

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