Leadership Award

The Pete Reicks Leadership Award, given by Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence, recognizes an individual whose performance excellence leadership and behaviors provide a role model for others. Performance excellence is not an individual achievement, nor a finite feat, but an organization’s intentional ambition for performance excellence requires strong vision and leadership. This award recognizes leaders who have notably contributed to the RMPEx vision to ignite, equip, and accelerate all organizations to achieve sustainable excellence.

RMPEx created the Pete Reicks Leadership Award in 2021, to honor an influencer, leader, and friend who challenged us all to be better every day. Pete Reicks personified the core values of RMPEx and the Baldrige program, leading Elevations Credit Union to national Baldrige award recognition twice and serving as a RMPEx Board member. 

Those organizations and leaders across the country who were dedicated to excellence using the Baldrige criteria were certainly inspired and impacted by Pete’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Everyone who worked alongside him certainly was. After a long and courageous battle with a rare form of cancer, Pete Reicks passed away in May of 2021 at the age of 48.

The award will be presented each year at the RMPEx Role-Model Experience Day to honor Pete’s legacy and impact. Award recipients share how they ignited, equipped, and accelerated their organization to achieve high performance.

Pete Reicks

Pete Reicks Leadership Award Criteria

Nominees shall exemplify leadership aligned with the RMPEx vision, mission, and values in their engagement with other organizations and individuals inside the RMPEx and BPEP communities and examples of how they advance the RMPEx MVV through their interaction with others shall be part of the nomination process.

Nominees shall be representatives of the Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence Communities of Practice including the Sustainable Excellence Community of Practice, the Expedition to Excellence Communities of Practice and the Examiner/Faculty Community of Practice.

RMPEx Board members are not eligible while still in office.

Compensated members of the RMPEx workforce are not eligible in any year for which they receive compensation.

Nominations can come from anyone within the Baldrige Community.

The RMPEx board of directors shall have the sole responsibility of selecting a recipient and all decisions of the board are final. The board shall appoint a committee of 3 members to review all nominations and propose a single recipient for recognition.

Nominations shall open in May of each year and close at the end of June. Recipients shall be selected in time for their participation during the fall role-model experience day.