Visualize and Ignite

Your Organization’s Continuous Improvement Journey

PEAK Fellows Program

The RMPEx Performance Excellence from Awareness to Knowledge Fellows Program (PEAK) will help you envision what your organization can become.

PEAK Fellows is a 12-month immersive experience designed for senior leaders exploring or driving continuous improvement inside their organization.

Fellows explore what good looks like in four key areas of performance excellence: leadership, strategy, customer, and key work systems. Fellows hear and learn from multiple high-performing organizations as well as those just getting started to move from simple concept awareness to developing useful knowledge about how their organization can achieve meaningful change in each of the four areas. Fellows will connect and network with a group of peers representing high-performing and newly engaged organizations.

Why Choose  PEAK?

Define Your Organization’s Core: Understand what matters most to your organization – mission, vision, values, customers, workforce, and challenges – to frame your learning journey.

Turn Strategy into Action: Learn how to develop and execute effective strategies that connect change with how your organization operates.

Unveil the Leadership System: Discover how leaders drive performance through an organization’s vision, culture, and established leadership practices.

Craft Exceptional Customer Experiences: Learn how to listen to customers and how to use this data to build lasting loyalty through an exceptional customer experience.

Optimize Work Systems and Processes: Understand how work gets done efficiently to create value for customers and achieve organizational goals.

Benchmark against Excellence: Dive deep into an exemplary organization to see how key performance areas like leadership, strategy, and customer focus contribute to high performance.

Who Should Apply?

This program is ideal for senior leaders in any organization who:

  • Are tasked with leading performance excellence initiatives or organizational improvements.
  • Seek to deepen their knowledge of continuous improvement methodologies.
  • Value collaboration and peer learning as catalysts for growth.
  • Are committed to driving positive change within their organizations.

If this sounds like you, invest in your leadership journey and join the RMPEx PEAK Fellows Program today!