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Examiner Training

The Examiner Training Experience is a 3-day experience to equip an individual with knowledge of the Baldrige Performance Excellence Criteria and the ability to evaluate the performance of an organization using the Criteria and examiner tools embedded in the Baldrige Excellence Framework.

2024 Examiner Experience
Join us to become an RMPEx Examiner in 2024 in September. Get the details or register today:

RMPEx Examiners

Why train?

Through comprehensive training, examiners gain the ability to evaluate processes at varying levels of complexity – from grasping the core concept to dissecting intricate details.

Examiners learn to assess a process’s systematic implementation and commitment to continuous learning, recognizing the crucial role this plays in fostering an organizational culture of knowledge.

Additionally, they develop the discernment to differentiate between defined priorities and actual practices, ultimately acquiring an understanding of how organizational results evolve over time and require comparative analysis to determine true effectiveness.

Why Serve?

Serving as an examiner is a chance to apply the skills learned in training within the confines of a process designed and supported by experienced, master examiners. It’s the ultimate learning opportunity!

Unlike most case study learning scenarios that rely on individuals discussing an organization’s performance by using a historical analysis prepared by others, as an RMPEx examiner, you become a part of the team completing the analysis and writing the report that will drive a specific organization forward.

As an examiner, you’ll be an intricate part of writing the case study, validating an understanding of the Baldrige Excellence Framework and that Leadership, Strategy, Customers, Knowledge Management, Workforce and Operations are the six ways to reach performance excellence inside ANY organization.

The 2024 Examiner Experience

Date And Time
Sep 16, 2024 to
Sep 18, 2024
Registration End Date

Sep 7, 2024

Online event

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The value of the RMPEx experience is two-way: examiners support business development in the community, and at the same time gain critical business skills to apply to their own organizations.


– Nat Cole, Veterans Health Administration –

As a RMPEX examiner I gain inspiration from analyzing organizations that are striving to achieve excellence; collaboration from being part of a team of examiners helping organizations sustain excellence; and knowledge of best practices from high performing organizations that can be used in my organization.


Terri Runyan, City of Fort Collins

Each year I have grown my understanding and confidence in the criteria and practices.  I take this newly gained knowledge back to my organization and apply it to support continuous improvement in our daily work.


Susan Staples, High Plains Library District


Apply to the Board of Examiners

You may register to become an examiner at any time. All examiners must participate in Examiner Training to be considered for an examiner team. First time examiners MUST participate in New Examiner Training prior to Examiner Training. Any examiner that has not served on a team within the last two years is highly encouraged to participate in New Examiner training prior to Examiner Training.

If you have questions about becoming a RMPEx examiner please email executivedirector@rmpex.org.

Examiner Training Fee // $750

RMPEx Examiner Training is a $750 stand-alone professional development opportunity (no subsequent application examination required). If interested, please register and pay your training fee. You may contact executivedirector@rmpex.org with any questions.

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