8 Ideas to Accelerate Your Improvement Efforts Today

When // June 4, 2024, 8:30 am – 1 pm

Where // Platte River Room C,

4430 S. Adams County Pkwy., Brighton, CO 80601

Registration opens at 8:00 with coffee and light snacks. The session runs from 8:30 to 1:00 followed by networking box lunch with the panelists.

Cost // $50

(includes box lunch)

All levels of government face diverse issues that constantly stretch resources. As municipalities and counties, you deal with issues like affordable housing, economic development, energy, planning, public safety, historic preservation, utilities, and technology – the list is long and the challenge to meet new demands never ends. How do you achieve the success you want given the diversity of issues you face and the limits to resources you have?

Join leaders from Rocky Mountain Performance Excellence and invited speakers from the cities of Fort Collins, Steamboat Springs; Adams County; and the High Plains Library District for a 3-hour workshop to explore “8 Ideas to Accelerate Your Improvement Efforts Today.”

Idea 1 // Is your organization achieving the results it desires?

Performance is all about achieving the results that matter to your organization. Does your organization define results in more than financial terms? Understand why it is important to measure organizational performance.

Idea 2 // What does good look like for your organization?

Organizational performance needs to align with organizational purpose. How do you define good, great, or excellent for your organization? How do you know when your performance is actually good, great, or excellent?

Idea 3 // Leadership drives success.

Organizations reflect their leaders and their leadership. Role model organizations have role model leaders. What does it mean to be a role model leader in your city or county?

Idea 4 // The cornerstone of success is to continually improve.

Greatness is not achieved nor is it defined by a single action or result. What is the key to achieving your organizational goals? Success is achieved through deliberate practice, the process of identifying opportunities to improve and then working to improve them daily.

Idea 5 // Data becomes the guidance system for improvement.

How do you decide what to improve? You cannot improve a process that has not been defined and if you cannot add data to the process, you cannot identify what needs to improve.

Idea 6 // Develop a culture of getting better every day.

In high-performing organizations, organizational performance improvement is not something done to work, it is simply how work gets done. How do you move from doing improvement activities on your work to making improvement a part of your daily work?

Idea 7 // Engaging in a learning community makes achieving change easier.

What can you do to achieve improvements faster and easier? Challenges that are unique to your organization or your industry have often been analyzed and addressed inside other organizations or other industries. When you engage in learning with other organizations, you speed up your progress toward success.

Idea 8 // How does RMPEx helps you build a learning community?

A panel discussion with members of the RMPEx Communities of Practice sharing stories of how their participation and learning have made improving and achieving their organizational goals easier and more effective.