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By Stuart McRae City Administrator City of Sheridan, Wyoming Right off the bat, I’ll tell you the following is a trick question. If you knew a particular person to possess the highest degree of integrity and morality regardless of situation do you feel as though you could place your...

The concept of "performance excellence" has been around for decades, but the landscape is constantly evolving. Today, technology advancements, shifting customer expectations, and a rapidly changing global environment necessitate a fresh perspective on what it means to truly excel. So, let's ditch the buzzwords and...

The pursuit of performance excellence is a noble one. It translates to happier customers, empowered employees, and ultimately, sustainable success. However, this journey can be littered with misconceptions and outdated beliefs that hinder progress. Let's debunk some common myths surrounding performance excellence and pave the...

By Stuart McRae City Administrator City of Sheridan, Wyoming I thought this week I would talk about how we react when we meet great adversity…and the fact that even then we are being evaluated. The predecessor to the CIA was the Office of Strategic Services or OSS.  The OSS...